Understand Your Oral Health and Dental Damage Risks

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Are you familiar with any common types of dental damage that may be present in your life? By assessing various common oral health risks in your life, you can help keep your teeth and gums safe from further damage that can occur. To lower your risk for oral accidents and injuries, assess your oral health risks in your life.

Are you aware of the damage that can occur to your teeth and gums from sports? Various sports, including contact sports, tend to put your teeth and gums at risk of immediate dental damage. An oral emergency can easily arise if you take a single significant blow to your face. Not only can a strike to your face knock out several teeth, but it can set back your oral health decades and even cause severe damage to your jaw. Always exercise caution with contact sports by wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

Another common risk factor in an individual’s life is due to bad habits including smoking or using drugs. Due to the fact that several chemicals and substances in tobacco or drugs can lead to oral health damage, it is important to avoid these products altogether. Not only can they cause significant oral health problems including tooth loss and cancer, but they can also even lead to physical and mental health problems as well.

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