Dentistry Highlights: Bruxism Treatments

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To ensure you highlight your oral health care this year, it is important to do a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to determine if any signs of bruxism are present. Bruxism is a common oral ailment that arises due to unconsciously biting or gnawing your teeth together.

Bruxism is an oral health ailment in which a person unconsciously grinds, clenches, and gnashes their teeth together. Usually, this happens while a person is asleep, which is known as sleep bruxism. If you have a roommate or sleep partner, talk to them to determine if they have ever heard you loudly clenching your teeth together while you sleep. Be aware though, bruxism can also occur while you are awake.

Be on guard for any signs and symptoms that exist to determine if bruxism is occurring. Upon waking up, check to see if you are feeling any symptoms of tooth sensitivity or facial pain. If you are under the thralls of bruxism, your jaw may not easily open and close. In addition, physical damage in the form of indentations on your tongue, and tissue damage to the inner linings of your cheeks may be present.

A night guard or bite plate may be the bruxism treatment service you need. For an oral checkup at Hill Country Dental at our dentist office in New Braunfels, Texas, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Lara Perry and our team by calling our office at 830-500-2100.