Debunking Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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Ongoing tooth pain and swollen gums can be signs of a tooth infection, and may require root canal treatment to restore your tooth to full health. If you are hesitant to undergo this treatment because of myths you have heard, we encourage you to learn more about receiving a root canal. Our team is happy to debunk common myths about root canal treatment to ensure you have the information you need to receive proper treatment.

Root canal treatments received a painful reputation in the past as a result of invasive techniques and poor anesthetic. However, the pain you feel usually originates from having a diseased tooth, which root canal treatment can help cure. The advancement of modern dentistry has put root canals on par with a dental filling in terms of comfort level.

There is also no scientific evidence that root canal treatment results in illness, as many people believe. In fact, a root canal procedure can improve your health by treating the bacteria of an infected tooth, thereby protecting you from other health complications.

Root canal treatment is also more preferable than having the tooth extracted if it can be saved. The loss of a tooth requires the placement of artificial teeth, which can eliminate certain foods in your diet and may be more costly than restoring the natural tooth.

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