Consider These Brushing Tips

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It rarely hurts to brush up on our oral health habits. They can become so routine that it helps to stop and think about what we really need to do. The tips we have today can help you maintain your enamel.

Remembering to be somewhat gentle on our teeth can be really beneficial. Cleaning instincts may make us think that we have to scrub as hard as we can to get rid of plaque. The problem is that brushing with too much zeal can steadily wear down enamel. Being more gentle with our brushing can still clean off plaque and keep our enamel where it belongs.

We can also try brushing our teeth after we eat, though it may help to wait a while, especially if we consumed something more on the acidic spectrum. There are some healthy foods that are acidic, but even they can make the enamel a little softer than it should be, so it can be rubbed off by brushing. Waiting about 30 minutes before whipping out the toothbrush can give enamel time to get back to normal.

Drinking water and chewing sugarless gum can help you deal with the acids while you wait for the 30 minutes. The gum can encourage the mouth to produce more saliva. Both Saliva and water can help you clean out and counteract acids.

We hope you find these tips to be helpful in keeping your mouth and enamel in good condition. You can also visit us at Hill Country Dental here in New Braunfels, Texas, for help with this goal. Our dentist, Dr. Lara Perry, can help you keep your teeth as healthy as they can be. You can call 830-500-2100, and we will be there to serve you!