Celery and Your Oral Health

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Have you heard that celery can be excellent for your mouth? It’s true! Celery is one of the most useful things you can consume for your mouth, and it’s even been called nature’s toothbrush. Find out a little more about this oral superfood by reviewing this post, and feel free to ask us about tooth-healthy diet choices for oral health at your next checkup in our New Braunfels, Texas, office.

Celery is referred to as nature’s toothbrush because the natural strings that grow in it make it excellent for removing plaque, leftover foods and the bacteria that so often associate with them. Furthermore, celery enhances the wellbeing of your teeth through the vitamins it contains. It contains vitamin A, which strengthens mucous membranes, and vitamin C, which can keep your teeth from getting loose.

Of course you can consume celery alone, but it’s also tasty with dips like guacamole and hummus. Celery is superb in salads, whether leafy green salads or salads such as pasta salad or chicken salad. Finally, no celery suggestion list would be right without suggesting ants on a log! (Just go sparingly on the ants.)

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