A Failing Dental Filling Could Cause Significant Discomfort

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A dentist like Dr. Lara Perry will sometimes use a dental filling to treat a minor defect in a tooth’s enamel layer. This is a common method for addressing single surface cavities, small chips, and early onset of dental attrition.

As time goes on poor oral hygiene practices, or failing to attend your dental checkups, could cause the surrounding tooth enamel to demineralize. This could potentially weaken the bond with the dental filling cause sensitivity, discomfort, and inviting a new area of tooth decay to develop.

In a case like this you should schedule an appointment at Hill Country Dental as soon as possible. Without professional intervention the affected tooth could worsen, which might require a root canal, or lead to the total loss of the tooth.

Sometimes a small distressed dental filling can be removed and replaced with a slightly larger dental filling. However, if the dental filling was large or a new cavity has formed, Dr. Lara Perry might need to perform a dental crown restoration.

In a severe case where a new cavity has allowed bacteria to gain access to the core of the tooth she might need to perform a root canal in advance of restoring the tooth with a dental crown.

If you are in the New Braunfels, Texas, area and you have a distressed or sensitive dental filling you should call 830-500-2100 to have the tooth examined and treated by the dental care specialists at Hill Country Dental.